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Peca Products Inc. offers law enforcement agencies and forensic photographers a series of UV and IR camera and flash filters and accessories for use in the lab, and in the field for crime scene investigation.

Other applications where these filters will prove valuable is in aerial photography, museum photography, medical research, surveillance, and fine art photography where infrared or ultraviolet light is used.

We can provide various digital cameras converted for IR-UV photography shortly. Please call for details.

Applications for these filters can range from questioned documents suspected of alterations, blood splatter, seminal fluids, gun shot residue and other latent evidence that’s invisible to the naked eye, but can be revealed using IR or UV light.

Peca Products Inc. has been providing the scientific community with affordable DNA documentation systems for many years. A series of specialized Peca Products band pass filters have been an intricate part of these systems.

IR Landscape

Black and white infrared photo taken with the Fuji S3 UVIR Camera and PECA 904 filter

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